Residential Hot Water Heater Leak Repair

Hot Water Heater RepairHot water heater leaks can cause serious damage. Plumbing leaks, whether they happen slowly or flood a room immediately, can saturate dry wall, wall studs and flooring, causing hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars in property damage. To minimize the cost of damage to your home, you need hot water heater leak repair from residential plumbers you can trust—you need Roto-Rooter.

Causes for Hot Water Heater Leaks

Hot water heater leaks may be caused by:

  • Condensation
  • Loose drain valve
  • Excessive water pressure
  • Corrosion

Some issues are minor and, in the case of condensation, may even self-correct. Others may be repaired by simply tightening a valve. However, if valves need to be replaced or a tank is corroded, causing a plumbing leak, that’s when you need licensed residential plumber services.

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Quality Hot Water Heater Leak Repair

The residential plumbers at Roto-Rooter in Albuquerque, NM have the credentials and experience to get the job done right. Our Journeyman plumbers can quickly find and diagnose the source of your plumbing leak and quickly set to work on repairing the hot water heater unit.

We provide the most cost-efficient repairs that will completely fix your hot water heater leak—we never upsell unnecessary products or services. We will make every effort to repair your existing unit, but if the tank is corroded or the unit is very old, we may recommend hot water heater replacement, for which we can provide a free estimate.

Residential Plumber Services When You Need Them

If your hot water heater leak has flooded your home, you have a plumbing emergency. Roto-Rooter provides 24/7 emergency plumber services—we can usually be on-site to your home within two hours after you call. Our licensed plumber services are available at NO EXTRA CHARGE until 7:00 pm Monday through Saturday.

For fast, reliable water heater leak repair, contact Roto-Rooter in Albuquerque, NM.

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