Residential Water Line Repair & Replacement Service

You need water for showers, to clean your dishes and clothes and to maintain your landscaping. When pipe bursts or leaks interfere with your water line service, your household comes to a stop. Get life back on track quickly with fast and reliable water line repair and pipe replacement service from Roto-Rooter in Albuquerque, NM.

The Cost of Water Line Damage

Roto Rooter Van

Water line issues have the potential to cause hundreds, even thousands of dollars-worth of damage. Sudden pipe bursts can cause flooding, and clean up may entail replacing flooring, repairing cabinets, etc. Small leaks, over time, can cause just as much damage by saturating walls and flooring, resulting in rotten wood, peeling plaster and mold growth. The property damage of water line issues may be compounded by higher utility bills.

“Get it done Roto-Rooter right! Call Roto-Rooter. ¬†That’s the name, and away go troubles down the drain!”

Quality Water Line Repair When You Need It

No matter how big or small, you cannot afford to let water line leaks or ruptures go unchecked. Roto-Rooter provides free estimates for all water line repair and replacement work, and we are on-call 24/7 for emergency residential plumbing service. Our plumbers can usually be on-site within two hours of your call to quickly begin your water line pipe repair or replacement.

Roto-Rooter provides water line services at NO EXTRA CHARGE until 7:00 pm Monday through Saturday.

Water Line Service Plus Peace of Mind

When you need fast and reliable water line repair service in Albuquerque, NM, contact Roto-Rooter.

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