Clogged Drain Cleaners for Home Drains

Think about everything that goes down the various drains in your home:

  • Grease and food debris in the kitchen
  • Soaps, shampoos, hair, feminine hygiene products and other wastes in the bathroom
  • Detergent and lint in the laundry room

Clogged DrainEverything that goes down your household drains has the potential to get stuck, build up and clog your home plumbing system. When that happens, you need the professional drain cleaners from Roto-Rooter.

Professional Drain Cleaners vs. Chemical Drain Cleaners

Many home owners choose chemical drain cleaners available from local hardware or discount stores to restore drain flow. These products only temporarily, and often, only partially, unclog drains. Over time, these caustic solutions can eat away at your pipes, causing more severe damage that requires costly plumbing repairs.

“Get it done Roto-Rooter right! Call Roto-Rooter. That’s the name, and away go troubles down the drain!”

The professional drain cleaners from Roto-Rooter, however, completely restore drainage capacity without damaging your plumbing system. For most home drain clogs, we use a drain snake to dislodge and break up the clog, leaving the diameter of your pipes completely unobstructed. Because drain snakes mechanically remove buildup, there is no risk of future corrosion.

Once our professional drain cleaners have unclogged your drain, they can recommend plumbing products that effectively maintain your drainage flow yet are safe for your home plumbing system and the environment.

Residential Plumbing Service When You Need It

When your home drains are completely clogged or years of caustic chemicals have finally eaten through pipes causing water line leaks, Roto-Rooter is ready to provide the plumbing services you need. We have a full crew of professional drain cleaners and licensed Journeyman plumbers available around the clock to provide 24 hour emergency plumbing service. We can usually be on-site to your Albuquerque, NM home within two hours of your call.

Roto-Rooter‘s plumbing services are available AT NO EXTRA CHARGE:

  • Until 10:00 pm every day for drain cleaning service
  • Until 7:00 pm Monday through Saturday for all other residential plumbing services

Whether you need a drain snake or sewer line repair and replacement, contact Roto-Rooter for fast response and quality plumbing service.

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