Commercial Plumbing Products & Plumbing Services

Plumbing Parts & ToolsRoto-Rooter has the products you need to maintain your commercial plumbing system and drainage capacity after our professional drain cleaners have completed the services you need.

Products to Combat Grease and Grime Buildup

Drainage issues are a constant challenge for restaurants and food processing facilities, but maintaining an adequate, constant flow rate is vital to avoiding business stoppages and the costs of commercial plumbing services. To keep your system moving, try Roto-Rooter‘s:

  • Drain and Grease Trap Treatment
    This product is released into your drain lines on a pre-programmed schedule using our Time Flow Meter. Microorganisms in the product literally eat away the organic material that collects on pipe walls and eliminate foul odors. Unlike other plumbing companies’ drain cleaners, Drain and Grease Trap Treatment uses non-caustic enzymes that are safe for the environment and older pipes.
  • Sugar Residue Digestant
    Sugar Residue Digestant is also released by the Time Flow Meter to eliminate “sugar snakes” in drain lines for sugar-heavy liquids (e.g. soft drink fountains). Sugar residue is highly caustic and can potentially eat through cast iron plumbing systems. Sugar Residue Digestant helps you avoid thousands of dollars in commercial plumbing repairs.
  • Pipe Shield
    Pipe Shield prevents grease and soap and detergent scum from accumulating on pipe walls for up to 30 days. This treatment is safe for monthly use in kitchen and bathroom drains.

“Get it done Roto-Rooter right! Call Roto-Rooter. That’s the name, and away go troubles down the drain!”

Products to Maintain Sewer Drainage

Commercial sewer line repair and other commercial plumbing services to keep public facilities open can be costly. Roto-Rooter‘s products for sewer line and drain maintenance can help you avoid the costs with products like:

  • Waste Digestant
    This product is formulated specifically for failed septic tanks and cesspool drain fields. The bacteria in Waste Digestant break down and eliminate organic solids to restore your septic system to normal operating conditions.
  • Lift Station Grease Dissolver
    Lift Station Grease Dissolver blocks are gradually dissolved by waste water, releasing bacteria that eat away grease buildup, fats, oils and sludge, significantly reducing odor and maintaining lift station efficiency.
  • Urinal Blocks
    Unlike urinal cakes that only deodorize, Roto-Rooter‘s Urinal Blocks remove calcium buildup to maintain drainage capacity.
  • RootX
    RootX is a foaming pipe cleaner that only kills the roots it contacts and leaves an herbicidal residue that discourages root growth for up to one year after treatment. RootX is EPA-approved and proven safe for your septic system.

Get the Products You Need

Our commercial plumbing products are available from the business plumbers at Roto-Rooter. We will recommend only the products that will be effective and safe for your Albuquerque, NM business—we never upsell unnecessary products or commercial plumbing services. Contact us for drain cleaning service or drain maintenance help.

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